Hello there, my name is Kelly, I am the mastermind behind all of Magpie Mind Designs. It's very nice to meet you, welcome to my nest. 

Magpie Mind started after I spent years trying to find my passion only to continuously wind up feeling unfulfilled. My inspiration to go into the craft of metalsmithing came from my uncle who was going through bench jeweler school before he passed away. It is a great joy of mine to go through his boxes of supplies and equipment, I try to incorporate them into my own work so as to carry out his legacy.

I was born and raised in the Central Valley of California, and spent most of my childhood wandering the valleys and streams of the Cascade Range and Sierra Nevada. When I was 17 I joined the military and started moving around the country at every chance I could. I was born in the West but my heart remains in the East, I currently reside in the picturesque neighborhood of Hilton Village, Virginia.

Besides working as a metalsmith, I enjoy shopping for vintage clothes, listening to music, taking pictures of flowers, and traveling. I collect tattoos and pets, my favorite scent is petrichor, my favorite sound is birds chirping. 


My love to you,